At Least Our Friends Will Like Us

by Grazing

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Debut EP "At Least Our Friends Will Like Us"

Dedicated to The New Direction for years of friendship and memories we will never forget. Without you all, this release would still be a dream to us. Thank you.


released September 23, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered 8/30/16 by Jack Stenerson at The New Direction in Fargo, ND.



all rights reserved


Grazing Fargo, North Dakota

2 piece emo/acoustic band from Fargo, ND.

Sad, Drunk, & Sad


Kyle- Guitar/Vocals
Michael- Bass/Vocals

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Track Name: 10% A.B.V.
I'm an asshole, trust me I know you can see. You'll probably never meet another useless fucker like me. Its been awhile now since I have seen my alter-ego, he's probably somewhere being happy.

I'm an asshole, trust me I know you have seen the things I lack, the things I do and everything in between. I can't help my current state. My state of mind, I just get that way. Depressions always something, getting over takes time, or you live with for life. I guess I'll live with for life.

Go to brush my teeth. I still think I taste. The double IPA from the night before. Cut through my mouth just like open sores but it all comes clean the second spit hits the sink.

Okay, one more beer. Oh fine, two more beers. Oh fuck it, three more beers. Lets finish the case, we're here. While we're. FUCK!

My time wasted, wasn't wasted when I was wasted with you. Countless times, I'd recall, we would drink till we puked. Nothing to do in the morning, except go get food. My time wasted wasn't wasted when I was wasted with you.

You took those photographs that you won't ever show to me from the bottom of the basement stairs how I recall the flash. I hope my scarred face is something that you reminisce on, on those drunken nights when you're alone and thinking of me. And how I am.

How I am.